Is Being a Dentist a Hard Job?

Dentistry is physically demanding and competitive. Learn more about the pros & cons of being a dentist before deciding if it's right for you.

Is Being a Dentist a Hard Job?

Dentistry is a physically demanding job that can take a toll on the body. Sitting in the same position for long periods of time, looking into small spaces, and constantly washing and wearing latex gloves can be hard on the back, hands, and shoulders. Many dentists suffer from back and shoulder pain, and some even need to see chiropractors or physical therapists. Getting into the field is also competitive, especially at the university level.

To be accepted into a dental program, you need to have good grades and be academically successful. This same success could lead to a shorter bachelor's or master's degree that could open up opportunities in law, banking, finance, or the tech industry - all of which can lead to higher financial returns. It's not easy to make it as a dentist. Many dentists struggle to make ends meet and may even go bankrupt.

People may not like going to the dentist, but they still respect the profession and its requirements of higher education and experience. Despite this respect, people often complain about paying for dental services. If you're considering becoming a dentist, it's a good idea to work as an assistant in a dental office first. This will give you an idea of what it's really like to be a dentist and help you decide if it's the right career for you.

It's important to remember that there are both positives and negatives to being a dentist - pre-dental students may have an unrealistic view of what it's like to be a dentist. Oral health is always necessary and in demand, so there will always be jobs available for dentists. As people live longer, the demand for dentists will only increase in the future. There are good and bad dentists out there - some are happy with their work while others are not - but this doesn't necessarily affect the quality of their work.