What are the Best Options After BDS in India?

Learn about best options after Bachelor Of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree like Master Of Dental Surgery (MDS), Master Of Public Health (MPH), MBA program etc.

What are the Best Options After BDS in India?

The benefit of seeking a Master's Degree in Dental Surgery (MDS) is that it will provide you with additional clinical knowledge that can be used in your clinical practice. MDS is the highest educational degree in the field of dentistry and can improve your chances of getting a job as a dentist in reputable institutions. Depending on your performance on the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), you can gain admission for the Master of Dental Surgery (MDS). You can choose your area of expertise based on your interests.

These include prosthodontics, orthodontics, operative dentistry and conservative dentistry. Once you've completed your Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), you can also pursue a Master's Degree in Public Health (MPH). It is a two-year graduate degree that focuses on public health and is a non-clinical function. There are several universities in Australia, USA, UK and European countries offering this course.

As public health is becoming a priority, there are many opportunities to work in this field and you can contribute to the overall health and well-being of others. You can also continue your career as a dentist after completing your MPH. If you want to change to a non-clinical or managerial role after completing your BDS, due to the need for a good health system in the country, there is a lot of scope in this field. It's a popular career choice among dental students.

Common entrance exams for entering an MBA program are Common Admission Test (CAT), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT). Different universities may have different eligibility criteria. If you have previous experience as a dentist, becoming a professor can be a career path, as several dental schools are looking for dental professors with previous experience. Depending on the university, the experience can last between three and five years.

After completing five years as a teacher and five years as a practitioner at a medical institution, you can even become the dean of a dental school. If you just completed your BDS, of course, you can be hired as a tutor or demonstrator. In this role, you can be responsible for the practical sessions of dental students. Of course, you can start your own clinic, work in a clinic associated with a hospital, or work in private clinics.

Starting your own clinic may require a substantial investment initially, but once your practice starts, the profits can be high. Some other factors you can consider are the area in which you would set up your clinic, how to charge for your services, and how to attract clients. To start your own practice, you can collaborate with other established dentists and network extensively to build your brand in the early stages and attract your first clients. Becoming a dentist abroad is also a professional option after BDS. You can request an MDS graduate abroad or start your own dental practice there.

To do this, the first step is to choose the country in which you want to work and understand its eligibility criteria. Different countries have different criteria for dentists. You may first need to pass the Part 1 and Part 2 exams of the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) and then enroll in a dental school and earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery to practice in the USA. Contractual dental officer in the Navy or Air Force State Government dental surgeon jobs Dental officers on the railroads Can become a dental researcher as ongoing research is conducted in areas such as oral cancer, oral biology, and others. Degree, you can also become a clinical investigator where you research drug efficiency, test healthcare devices and treatment procedures, or aid in the formulation of new drugs. Graduate, may assume the role of medical advisor, principal investigator or co-investigator, drug developer, clinical research physician, or regulatory affairs manager.

Along with medical schools and laboratories, reputable hospitals also hire for these positions. With improving living standards, people are becoming aware of their dental aesthetics which has increased the reach of cosmetic dentists. These medical professionals are concerned with improving the appearance of teeth, gums and correcting their bites. To become a cosmetic dentist, you can take an additional course of prosthodontics or orthodontics after your BDS with a focus on these two areas. While you can become a full-time blogger, you can also follow this career option along with your full-time work. This can be a very interesting career option for those who also have a passion for writing and teaching others.

You can create your own website or blog and start educating people about different areas of dentistry or helping aspiring dentists. The reach of what you can share as a dental blogger is wide and you can establish your presence on different social media channels. You can get paid through affiliate programs, sponsorships, ad placements and more. If you are interested in forensic science forensic dentistry or forensic dentistry can be an interesting career choice after BDS with minimum 55% marks on BDS degree. You can enroll in some of the most reputable forensic science institutes in the country after BDS degree.

Forensic dentistry has not yet been widely recognized in the country but with these qualifications one can get work in research institutes forensic laboratories or in forensic wings of criminal investigation departments. Of course one can become medical transcriber or dental transcriber too. As general practitioner transcriber being familiar with medical terminologies good listening skills typing skills and good knowledge of language helps one perform well at work while for dental transcription knowing dental terminology is important these transcribers convert doctors' oral dictations into reports take consultation notes create operational reports write discharge summaries psychiatric evaluations many hospitals seek dental consultants too.